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November 25th, 2019  |  The Hockey Betting Podcast

The latest edition of The Hockey Betting Podcast has Brian Blessing and Cam Stewart taking a look at games for Monday, November 25th and Tuesday, November 26th, 2019. It is a holiday week with Thanksgiving on Thursday so the NHL schedule is a bit different this week, and Monday is a busy slate with nine games on the schedule. Brian and Cam start by pointing out some important betting situations to consider, including the recent success of the Toronto Maple Leafs under their new head coach, and then they consider Monday and Tuesday’s games. Listen to The Hockey Betting Podcast to get all of Brian and Cam’s insight and hockey picks.

Monday, November 25th, 2019 NHL Betting Odds

Opener           Teams           Time

 Buffalo Sabres

Tampa Bay Lightning 7:05 PM

 Ottawa Senators

Columbus Blue Jackets 7:05 PM

6.0 Vancouver Canucks

Philadelphia Flyers 7:05 PM

 Calgary Flames

-140 Pittsburgh Penguins 7:05 PM

-107 Minnesota Wild

New York Rangers 7:05 PM

 St. Louis Blues

Nashville Predators 8:05 PM

 Vegas Golden Knights

Dallas Stars 8:35 PM

 New York Islanders

5.5 Anaheim Ducks 10:05 PM

 San Jose Sharks

Los Angeles Kings 10:35 PM

* Odds at the time the podcast was recorded

The first game on the NHL schedule on Monday has Buffalo visiting Tampa Bay with the Lightning a big favorite. The Sabres finally got a win last time out, but they are still dealing with a lot of injuries and Tampa is heavily favored in this one. Brian points out that these two teams met in Sweden a couple of weeks ago and Buffalo will be looking for revenge.

The Ottawa Senators have won three straight games, but they are listed as road underdogs in Columbus on Monday. Cam points out that the Senators have been a live dog recently and Cam is considering the Senators.

Brian said that the game between Vancouver and Philadelphia is a match-up between two teams you can’t trust. Cam is looking at the total in this one. Make sure to listen to The Hockey Betting Podcast to get Cam’s prediction.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are slight home favorites on Monday as they host the Calgary Flames. The Penguins have stayed afloat without Sidney Crosby, while the Flames have struggled for most of the season. Brian and Cam are passing on this one.

The Minnesota Wild visit the New York Rangers in a pick’em game. Brian points out that the Wild have been an over team and oddsmakers have taken notice. The total on this game is 6.5 and Cam points out that it is tougher to take the over on the 6.5.

Nashville is a slight favorite at home as they host the St. Louis Blues. Cam said that Nashville is a train wreck and one of the most disappointing teams in the league. This is the back-end of a home-and-home, and there is bad blood between the teams as Nashville lost Viktor Arvidsson to a cross check from St. Louis’ Robert Bortuzzo. Cam is looking at taking the Predators in a revenge spot on Monday night.

The Vegas Golden Knights are struggling, but they are just slight underdogs on the road against the surging Dallas Stars. Brian has some insight into this game on the Vegas side. Listen to The Hockey Betting Podcast to get Cam and Brian’s thoughts on this contest.

The Monday schedule concludes with two road favorites, as the Islanders visit the Ducks, while the Sharks are at the Kings. The Islanders are on an amazing point streak, as they have gotten a point in 17 straight games. It is the Islanders or nothing in this game. Cam is on the Sharks in the other game, as they visit the Kings, while Brian likes the game to go over the total.

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 NHL Schedule

Team           Time

Minnesota Wild

New Jersey Devils 7:05 PM

Boston Bruins

Montreal Canadiens 7:05 PM

Dallas Stars

Chicago Blackhawks 8:05 PM

The first game on the Tuesday card has Minnesota visiting New Jersey and Brian likes that game over the total. The Bruins visit the Canadiens and Cam likes the game over the total. The late game has Dallas at Chicago and Brian is taking the over. Since Brian and Cam like all three games over the total, they are taking the Grand Salami over the total on Tuesday night.

Listen to the latest edition of The Hockey Betting Podcast to get all of the insight and hockey picks from Brian and Cam.

Episode Transcript

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This is the hockey betting preview
Monday November 25th 2019 and now live
from Las Vegas the host of the hockey
betting podcast Brian Blessing time to
have at it
it’s a brand-new week in the National
Hockey League Brian Blessing in Vegas
m.stuart north of the border we are
ready to rock and roll trying to find
you some winners kami and there are
angles that are plentiful they continue
to reap rewards for us so let’s start
finding them again you said it buddy I
told you once they got rid of Babcock
Sheldon Keith would be the right guy
it’s early right now but a win in
Arizona when in Colorado for our team
also I’ve noticed a Brian you know on
Sunday a lot of these teams and things
get wacky on Sunday where a lot of these
underdogs come in good win for your
Sabres get beat down Florida 5-2 – good
spot for them they were angry after a
tough luck loss to the Bruins these are
these are things that you look at a lot
of the time and we’ve been betting this
stuff for a long time and you can find
those angles and I was on the Sabres on
Sunday and I’ve been on the Leafs the
last couple games – with the new coach
all right buddy we dive in and I did a
couple things tonight let’s just start
there you mentioned Buffalo there at
Tampa tough game now I get the number
now Tampa – 250 total on the game is six
and a half Buffalo is down
they’ve lost seven forwards Camp it’s
unbelievable and Kruger keeps making a
mistake he’s trying to spread the
offense out and he’s got Skinner buried
on the second line throw him up with
ichael and Reinhart and live and die
with the first line you say that and
then against Florida gurgenson got a
couple and I know what they ended up
doing which is telling you how bad some
of these guys are I mean the Evan
Rodriguez got hurt and again I don’t
nobody want to see anybody get hurt but
this kids has been atrocious and when he
Came back in a lineup the Sabres drove
off a cliff yeah what Brandon Mont or a
forward up on defense yesterday and he
looked better than any winger that’s
played for the last month I’ve never
been a real fan of the Rodriguez it
might be a
nice kid but yeah he’s just not a great
a very good hockey player Brian I don’t
think he’s very good at all but yeah you
said it this team’s a MASH unit hate to
say it to Tampa Bay playing a big price
I’d probably I’d probably look at the
Lightning but I don’t lay that kind of
number so let me borrow one ant you yeah
well this team begging the litter their
seasons unraveling they outplayed Boston
they really did they outplayed boss they
did they did they ain’t lost
went to Florida get the win now it’s
back-to-back days the one thing that’s
good for a team like Buffalo they have
their goalies are one in one a right yep
it all mark played great against Florida
well you know you’re coming back and now
Carter Hutton’s gonna be there the one
little subplot here couch arrives out
yes and it was only two weeks ago these
two teams played over in Stockholm and
there was a lot of bad blood built up
there and Tampa won both games but
Buffalo historically plays these guys
tough the number is massive I got
there’s something telling me they’re not
getting rolled tonight I they’re in this
game tonight I think I think they they
they had a real bad taste in their mouth
what happened over in Sweden I mean I
think they show up with an effort what
about the total you got to think six and
a half with these guys Tampa
even without Kuchar off they could score
Buffalo could score on them it it seems
like a high number but seven and oh no
man that’s tough I lean over in the game
but I it’s not a there’s better games on
the car I mean I just I’m just saying I
think it’s buyer beware
for Tampa I really do yeah no I’m not
gonna be laying that number either

I’mlooking for something else buddy I
thought it was a Columbus Columbus as a
dollar 60 L tell you Ottawa they worked
their ass off I love this team they’ve
been great day for last couple of the
last a couple times I’ve been betting
them it’s weird and Brian despite me
being cheering for the Leafs I got a guy
I don’t hate the Senators I respect
teams at try and then I like the way
that they’re playing right now they’re
playing should they do they put their
hard hats on the Harz working team man –
Claire’s been great since coming over
actually interesting angle former blue
jacket playing against his team and
playing better for Ottawa Ottawa has
been a great dog
in Montreal they beat down the Rangers
at home when I was on them again at a
pick’em or like getting plus like even
money was crazy I’ll tell you one thing
I wouldn’t be laying sixty-five cents
with the jacket so oh they’re playing so
little six Columbus on a three-game /
heater but I don’t like the game but I I
do I root for Ottawa yeah me too I my
Ottawa might make my card at plus a
dollar forty five it’s well worth the
look Brian I’ll tell you one thing
Columbus isn’t gonna blow these guys out
they show up every night if they got any
type of goaltending they could win this
game well here’s a great one and that’s
Vancouver at Philadelphia in to me the
definition of two teams you can’t trust
Philly’s a dollar forty five six over I
will say this I keep waiting for the
Vancouver thing to just quietly flounder
out a little bit but just when you think
they’re toast three-game winning streak
you know they walk in and beat Nashville
and you kick me in and be Washington
it’s crazy that’s the thing about the
Canucks you talk about a checkol and
hide they can look like one of the best
teams in the league when they’re
clicking their power plays been great
recently absolutely stellar as for
Philadelphia they’re a team you can’t
trust as a favorite
you’d think there’d be goals scored in
this game it’s weird Vancouver likes to
really open it up on the road they don’t
play that kind of save style Brian
they’ve been scoring goals six in
Philadelphia could score – I think
Vancouver Philadelphia over six is
something that’s gonna make my card now
alright brother what do we do here
Calgary we just got done talking about
them at Pittsburgh’s a buck 60 total six
shaded to the under penguins treading
water without Crosby but you know well
they did what they should do you beat a
crummy New Jersey team tell you there’s
a really tough schedule Calgary is one
of those teams Brian they had the
players only meaning what happened they
beat Philadelphia but you know is that
is it just gonna last one game you’re
getting 50 cents with these guys you got
to hand it to Pittsburgh they take care
of business beating the devils like
they’ve been playing good hockey even
without Sidney Crosby I looked at
Calgary at plus 150 but it’s hard to
pull the trigger buddy

It’s tough and
it’s a tough one there’s no doubt
Minnesota and the Rangers Minnesota – 25
on the road six and a half to the
buddy we talked about this last week and
good for you I know you stepped up and
did it yeah yeah Colorado Minnesota and
the game was a pic goin what’s the
number saying here and sure enough
Minnesota beat the ABS three – the one
thing I will tell you about this
Minnesota team out of nowhere like they
can score I mean they’re like an over
team yeah I go there the problem is at
six and a half now we’re not getting
that six right so the books have
adjusted to Minnesota and I’ll tell you
one thing about the Rangers – they give
up goals and score goals right like
they’ve been playing really loose hockey
recently that’s a six and a half I go
over I know over at this game – my slam
looks like plus price yeah it’s it’s
pretty it’s decent I don’t like the fact
that they’ve caught on because Minnesota
games used to be five and a half I
thought we could get a six here and then
I definitely play the over but at six
and a half I lean over and I won’t be
betting the wild on the road I’ll look
at the Rangers as a small home dog but
as you said buddy I’m going up and down
the schedule these are it’s a tough
tough tough betting board all right st.
Louis’s at Nashville Nationals a
dollar-fifty total five and a half
shaded King – okay we’re gonna give
Nashville one more chance does Nashville
get a chance tonight at 40 cents like
this is a game Stanley Cup winners are
coming in they should win they’ve been
very disappointing I tell you the
Nashville Predators you want to talk
we’ve talked about the lease being
disappointment Vegas Nashville could
join the list they’re a trainwreck how
do you lose to Vancouver and they’ve
been there you know Chicago get it they
get blown O’Brien I expect better things
from the Predators well buddy now
there’s a home at home back to back
right and Burt uzo he gets a four-game
suspension yep
for cross-checking our visit did you see
that I don’t produce a person he’s sexy
quality nice guy but cooler I know the
nice guys can be yo yeah he’s got heads
under his porch and go it’s true you
know you got he’s he’s a nice guy
yeah well do you think he’s got 11 heads
under his boy yeah he did it it just
kills me these guys in the AHL like the
most mild-mannered like nice guys
that our killers like I’ve known Bert
Sousa well because he used to when I did
my journey of the cop sometimes he was a
healthy scratch and I talked to a whole
lot and he used to watch the show so I
got to know hoping but I mean our
Vinson’s laying in the crease yeah he
gets cry first like it’s mauled
yeah that’s lost checked into the crease
goals scored
he is lying there and Bert uzo three
seconds after the play is over I mean a
two-hand cross-check I mean I mean
seriously to his ribs spleen who the
hell knows would he eat what he did to
this guy he orbitons out six weeks
Bert uzo gets suspended for four games
there’s a lot of bad blood gonna be in
this game tonight

now you’re right and the totals five and
a half with bad blood sometimes what do
we see power plays that’s the thing it’s
gonna be one of those two games Brian
you look at the under I wouldn’t be
betting the under at five and half in
this game I think the Predators have to
make a statement to at home in the home
at home III like Nashville laying a buck
42 haven’t been that consistent and I’d
actually go over the five and a half
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all right now here and I died about this
one Brian tell me well I apologize
because this is the rub the nightmare is
finding out okay yesterday morning and I
still haven’t found out now I’m telling
you I’m I’m convinced Vegas plays
tonight at Dallas they play Wednesday
night at Nashville yeah if you look at
their schedule down the road there’s one
back to back night thing there is no
other spot there is no other logical
spot for Vegas to have their dad’s with
them it makes such complete nutter sense
you play at Dallas tonight you have fun
with the family in Nashville you play
the Predators you fly home to Vegas with
your dad’s they’re all Evan then
everybody has a Thanksgiving dinner I
cannot get it confirmed one way or the
none of these teams are putting it out
there that it’s under it’s under a rock
I think they understand it it’s a you
know with the bedding thing but I
there’s I’m telling you Cam I put it out
on Twitter I know nothing I said it just
makes too much sense and if it wasn’t
the plan it should be and Vegas is
struggling Vegas in the first two years
that their existence are for know with
the dads in tow I’m waiting for the
morning skate and then a beat riders
gonna say oh yeah and the dads are here
that no one’s saying they’re there but
there’s no other spot on the schedule
that makes this kind of sense so I and
Vegas is playing awful they are and this
is the night I think if you can confirm
it with me

I would take them because it’s kind of
like the Calgary situation I think they
stopped the bleeding
Dallas has been better but it’s only 30
cents I think the lines telling you
something that people believe EGIS can
win this game I do I’m getting +10 in
this game looks like a interesting total
to Brian five and a half Dallas scores
goals now two in Vegas they’re gonna
have to get a few I’m telling you i i i
i i think the visiting team and in the
over i
Vegas more on the side than the total
but I will be if you can confirm that
with me I take a shot with Vegas getting
10 cents tonight but Dallas they play
pretty good at home well listen baby and
I am I am watching this like with rapt
attention 28 minutes ago beat reporter
saying over heading over to the morning
skate now you know so like any minute
you know at the time of this taping the
this information either they’re there
they’re not I’m but I’m just like if you
look at the schedule you know it’s gotta
be a two-day hop of the day in between
where you can have some fun there is no
other spot and oh by the way
Thanksgivings Thursday I mean it’s like
I mean an idiot could figure this out
yeah you’re just waiting to get it
confirmed but that being said you know
the stars are ten oh and one in their
last eleven thirteen one and one in
their last fifteen again it’s again it’s
Vegas and you know here in Vegas you’ll
bet the Golden Knights you know playing
a central an army team so you’re telling
me you like Dallas tonight it’s only
thirty cents well I if the dads are
there I’m playing Vegas
yeah if not you’re gonna end oh by the
way maybe the dads get him out of this
funk they’re in but there is one thing
see in Dallas doesn’t strike me as his
team but Cam Vegas is trying to figure
out their identity they harnessed it
they were a rocket sled team in the
first year you haven’t hit what you
couldn’t catch now it’s a sigh a mix of
size and speed Edmonton

Boston Arizona
they’ve been several others Vegas has a
lot of good players you know then they
get an offensive zone draw and they get
set up and they can work you sure yeah
they can score but over 60 minutes Cam
Edmonton skated rings around them and
I’m just talking about McDavid I mean
fast teams eat these guys lunch yeah I
know and that’s scary and out Dallas has
pretty good guys on that team but
they’re old school playoff team to Brian
it’s a tough game
I really believe though you have to look
and you have to see the situation you do
you know those team well I gotta say
they stopped the bleeding they
understand it’s important they’ve been
playing very poor hockey I expect their
best effort and Big D tonight
so I think I am gonna back the Golden
Knights I was on Calgary against
Philadelphia and they got it done I
think it’s the same type of situation
they’re gonna have a very desperate
hockey team tonight I’ll take the plus
money yeah well and the other thing is I
the one thing I would just always say to
you you know if there is a dad’s trip
and again again I you know I feel I wish
I could I think that the informations
gonna come out any minute
but the one thing know that when there’s
a dad’s trip both goalies will play
because the backup goalies are out of
dad and the question is what do you do
and and honestly flurries been amazing
he’s been absolutely great Cam because
Vegas has been an atrocity and early
truth yeah it is and and subin’s
actually had to stand on his head too
and in situations but flurries so damn
good and you got to think if he gets the
start I’ll definitely be play playing
that one what do you think about the
next one Brian not Islanders and Ducks
seems like a short price for the
Islanders but something and you know you
get that vibe something’s telling me be
very careful with this hockey game

well there’s the one thing we know for a fact
Barry trots as the coach of the year I
mean you know you know the one thing
though it had to come to an end there on
this ridiculous heater and lost at San
Jose to one they do strike me as the
kind of team we’re like okay you know
they don’t want anything to fester the
bounce-back spot and it is you know but
Gibson’s always the great equalizer let
me double check it’s gonna be grace
versus Gibson under yeah Eileen
Islanders and the under Thomas grace
also to probably from his days in the
Western Conference not a big fan of the
Ducks playing for the Sharks so he’s
seen them a lot I expect the Islanders
best highly aalia corner with them and I
agree under I think it’s a three to one
two to one type of hockey game maybe an
empty netter I don’t expect the Ducks to
score on the Islanders so yeah I’ll go
under five and a half and oh by the way
jeez are they sure it’s okay I’m just
looking at this Camp they are back
taking them tonight to I’ll say I’m on
San Jose I’ll lay the 30 cents now la
could win the game sure they’ve been
playing a little bit better at home but
the Sharks had them tonight they beat
the eye
nurse you got to take them tonight you
just ride it out and they don’t like la
playing 30 cents I’m on the Sharks Brian
well in you know here’s the other like
the offer – there you go guy that was
just gonna go there because you know in
by the way Edmonton killed San Jose
Edmonton killed Vegas this Edmonton
thing is starting to get and get some
legs but after that game San Jose under
beat Vegas 2-1 played a real plot II
kind of game and it worked and then the
Islanders like to play that way this
should be a breath of fresh air for the
Sharks yeah I think that I think it’s an
over game yeah I agree – cuz the kings
at home will score I think they’ll
probably get three I think SG shark
you’ll get five you know I think it’s
gonna be that type of game lots of
offense but I’m gonna take the sharks
Brian again don’t stop when this freight
train has a roll and we’re on and we’ve
been on it from from the get-go a lot of
the times you get on streaks too late
not with San Jose we saw this one coming
they’ve been playing great hockey I took
them against the Islanders as well as a
really good week and I’m gonna ride it
out with San Jose I think they’re a
better team than la la will score at
home but San Jose is gonna get more over
and the Sharks

all right real quick we
got three tomorrow um a boston montreal
should be a great game minnesota jersey
like the over Dallas is at Chicago
Dallas playing tonight has to fly to
Chicago um that could be Chicago’s
running a little hot and cold for me but
they’re there yeah they’re higher
scoring – you gotta think you know and I
think you get the backup goalie tomorrow
night you get Bishop tonight maybe over
in Dallas Chicago over in Minnesota
Jersey and I’m gonna sit back and watch
Boston a Montreal kill each other that’s
the thing I’d be worried and I’ll tell
you one thing Boston you better bring
your A game because Montreal they’ve
been playing poor hockey they’re gonna
be ready for that’s how they they get
back in form Brian when Boston ruins
Bruins come to town I gotta be honest
with you I like the over even in that
game with good goaltending tomorrow you
know under sue me hey my butcher knows
what I like and it’s salami over big big
stick of salami please I love it hi huh
there’s a lot me over yeah give me it’s
Thanksgiving give me an extra I want
lots of salami
with my dirty it’s not keep digging it’s keep eating keep eating yeah let’s go ya
Salam be over tomorrow night definitely
there you go you sCamp’s to it i’m Brian
Blessing best of luck on frozen water

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