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Brian Blessing and Cam Stewart take a look at NHL team point totals heading into the 2019-2020 season on the hockey podcast. Last year the Tampa Bay Lightning finished with a whopping 128 regular season points to win the President’s Trophy going away. Once again, the Lighting will be one of the top favorites for the most points in the 2019-20 NHL regular season. Other popular picks for success are the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vegas Golden Knights, St. Louis Blues, and Boston Bruins. On the other end of the spectrum, the Los Angeles Kings, Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators are tabbed to be facing miserable seasons. Brian and Cam focus on Western Conference teams to consider this season.

2019-2020 Regular Season Point Totals *

Tampa Bay Lightning 108.5

Boston Bruins 101.5

Toronto Maple Leafs 101.5

Vegas Golden Knights 101.5

Colorado Avalanche 98.5

Calgary Flames 97.5

Dallas Stars 97.5

Nashville Predators 97.5

Washington Capitals 97.5

Florida Panthers 96.5

St. Louis Blues 96.5

Carolina Hurricanes 95.5

Pittsburgh Penguins 95.5

San Jose Sharks 94.5

Winnipeg Jets 92.5

New York Islanders 91.5

Arizona Coyotes 90.5

Chicago Blackhawks 90.5

New Jersey Devils 90.5

Montreal Canadiens 89.5

Philadelphia Flyers 89.5

New York Rangers 88.5

Minnesota Wild 87.5

Vancouver Canucks 87.5

Edmonton Oilers 85.5

Buffalo Sabres 84.5

Columbus Blue Jackets 83.5

Anaheim Ducks 81.5

Detroit Red Wings 76.5

Los Angeles Kings 74.5

Ottawa Senators 69.5

* Odds at the time this article was written.

Brian and Cam begin the hockey podcast by looking at the point totals for Western Conference teams and Cam has a strong play on the point total for the Anaheim Ducks. Brian likes what the Arizona Coyotes have done in the off-season, while Brian and Cam are leery of the Calgary Flames this season.

Vegas is the most successful expansion team of any major sport in the modern era and is coming off a 93-point season. However, the playoffs were a disaster for the Golden Knights as they blew a 3-2 series lead to the San Jose Sharks and a 3-0 third period lead in game seven of that series. Vegas will be good, that’s for sure, and both Brian and Cam are optimistic about this year’s Vegas team.

Listen to the hockey podcast to get a strong pick on the Chicago Blackhawks from Brian and Cam. Brian also has some insight into the Colorado Avalanche heading into this season. Brian and Cam have some teams they like to go over their point totals and they have a strong play on a couple of
teams to go under the total, one of which may surprise you, so make sure to listen to the hockey podcast.

Brian and Cam also consider some other hockey futures, including Brian’s flyer on a player to win the Norris Trophy. They also consider some Western Conference futures on teams to win their division, so make sure to listen to the hockey podcast to get their predictions.

Listen to The Hockey Betting Podcast to get all of the picks from Brian Blessing and Cam Stewart.