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October 7th, 2019  |  The Hockey Betting Podcast

Brian Blessing and Cam Stewart take a look at the Week 2 action in the NHL on the latest edition of the Hockey Betting Podcast. It has been a good start to the season for Brian and Cam with their hockey picks and they have more winners in store for listeners in Week 2. Brian and Cam have a team to watch for the season and they compare this team to the Vegas Golden Knights of a couple of years ago. Listen to this week’s episode of The Hockey Betting Podcast to get the team. Here is a look at the NHL schedule for Monday, October 7 through Wednesday, October 9 and some insight from Brian and Cam on this week’s episode of The Hockey Betting Podcast.

Monday, October 7th, 2019 NHL Betting Odds *

Opener           Team           Time

 St. Louis Blues

-145 Toronto Maple Leafs 7:05 PM

 Buffalo Sabres

-110 Columbus Blue Jackets 7:05 PM

* Odds at the time the podcast was recorded

Cam and Bruce both have positive things to say about the Maple Leafs and Sabres and they like both of those teams on a short schedule for Monday night in the NHL.

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 NHL Betting Odds *

Opener           Team           Time

6.5 Winnipeg Jets

-150 Pittsburgh Penguins 7:10 PM

5.5 Dallas Stars

-155 Washington Capitals 7:05 PM

5.5 Edmonton Oilers

-145 New York Islanders 7:05 PM

 Carolina Hurricanes

Florida Panthers 7:05 PM

 Anaheim Ducks

5.5 Detroit Red Wings 7:35 PM

 San Jose Sharks

-155 Nashville Predators 8:05 PM

6.0 Los Angeles Kings

-200 Calgary Flames 9:05 PM

5.5 Boston Bruins

Vegas Golden Knights 10:05 PM

* Odds at the time the podcast was recorded

Brian and Cam like the total on the game between the Oilers and the Islanders on Tuesday night so make sure to listen to The Hockey Betting Podcast to get their prediction.

Brian and Cam are still fading the San Jose Sharks and Cam likes a side and a total on this game so make sure to get his parlay for Tuesday.

Brian and Cam also break down the late game between the Boston Bruins and Vegas Golden Knights so make sure to listen to the Hockey Betting Podcast to get Cam’s pick.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 NHL Betting Odds *

Opener Team Time

 Montreal Canadiens

-115 Buffalo Sabres 7:05 PM

6.0 New Jersey Devils

-127 Philadelphia Flyers 7:35 PM

5.5 Los Angeles Kings

-153 Vancouver Canucks 10:05 PM

* Odds at the time the podcast was recorded

There are three games on Wednesday with each of the home teams favored. Cam has some insight into the New Jersey Devils and their goaltending problems.

Brian points out that goal scoring is way up early in the season and that means betting games over the total are the way to go right now.

Listen to the latest episode of The Hockey Betting Podcast to get all of Brian and Cam’s analysis for the early part of the NHL schedule in Week 2.

Episode Transcripts

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this hockey betting previews October 7th 2019 and now live from Las Vegas the host of The Hockey Betting Podcast Brian blessing alright folks we love talking hockey Brian blessing cam Stuart I’m in Vegas he’s just what southwest of Toronto that’s a I would say West Brian I wouldn’t say to southwest just just a little bit west if you’re south west you’d be in the lake yes excellent point Brian excellent point buddy but ya know I got a I gotta say this off the top or very transparent on the shows but great start to the hockey betting Brian we nailed Vegas in the both openers against San Jose T overs and in the Winnipeg Jets early games air with no goaltending and defenseman off the top it’s been a really really great start to the hockey season let’s keep it rolling buddy no in the situational things already are arising I was cautiously optimistic about the Sabres their first game against Pittsburgh steered clear of it and then I watched the game and I’m telling you it’s only two games but the Sabres right now look to me like the Golden Knights did two years ago I agree more and I know now when I say that it’s because they’re rolling four lines and all four lines have contributed a a guy like crystal einen who is everybody he’s waiting for him to get traded cam I Got News you I wouldn’t trade him and I’m saying this after a summer of saying trade him because instead of playing twenty eight minutes where this guy is out there floating around and get himself in trouble he’s they’ve been they’ve increased and bettered their defense of depth and he’s playing less minutes and making his minutes count he’s a physical force I’m sitting there going am I really watching this if the goaltending holds up Buffalo looks good and it to the point where just because I’m saying I was cautiously optimistic but didn’t pull the trigger but after what I saw then they’re going home and they’re mine is 15 cents against the Devils who had to play the night before and blew a four nothing lead I’m like are you kidding me I leave the puck and a half plus 2:30 and Buffalo just scored again I’ll tell you something Brian like I made some plays that it was it was an awesome it was an awesome night Pittsburgh I had in – one and a half in regulation they dummied Columbus Buffalo great spot that that all I didn’t even tell you that the devils cost me an eight hundred and fifty dollar parlay Brian remember the game everything history a four nothing lead against oh yeah I’m sitting there going and you don’t even think about you know the live betting should I get back with New Jersey my girlfriend’s over so I don’t really have time to concentrate on making buddy I know I know game it had been the same amount I know Brian I know I’m free I’m still upset about it and stood with blonde eyebrow fool and I could have done it and not four to one even for two to what you’re thinking can the Jets really come back and do this yes but I will say this I have a friend who’s basically a professional gambler he’s one of the only guys I know out of my buddies who makes money hockey’s his game – we’ve had a lot of baseball and hockey and he said to me in the car ride when we were getting together the first thing that came out of his mouth is I’m playing the Buffalo Sabres this year I don’t meet Brian and I just talked about it they’re a young team they’re good they’re getting no respect if they get any type of goaltending Brian they’re a play on team I know we’re taping this earlier on Monday I’ll take I’ll take I’ll take them against Columbus I’ll take them later on in the week I think the Sabres they’re gonna be a real real good story in the National Hockey League this year they look like a young team that’s figured it out and I’m gonna play them until Vegas in New Jersey these books figure it out I’m gonna get these guys as dogs are very very small favorites pickups I’m gonna be all over the Sabres

well and I’ll say this very quickly and they’re two games st. Louis Toronto Toronto a dollar thirty five six to the under on Monday the other game is Columbus is a dollar 20 at home a hosting Buffalo the total on the game is six and I’m with you and to listen Columbus already had their home opener so then now we’re into the teeth of a schedule they lost 4-1 to Toronto they’re horrible they lost at Pittsburgh seven to Buffalo killed Pittsburgh and the one thing on this game I normally that Columbus has been a team historically it like watch this yeah and this is what scares me Oh a no-life is Primrose Lane and then they play Columbus and you’re like what the hell just happened but I think I think this is a different story with Freddy Krueger I’m telling you this coach Chippewa Street this guy I think is going to is gonna wow some people yes those that I think the hockey fans and all those that don’t he comes back from the Premier Soccer League he’s one of these you know shrinks he gets between their ears and I think I I think collectively their defensive zone structures more sound but I think I think this guy could be this goofball at least in the short term Cerebral Assassin where he’s getting between the ears of certain guys that are a prima donnas or lazy but he’s getting the best out of every guy and right now honestly I am I wrong him I think that’s a bad number isn’t it I think so I’m gonna tell you something we talked about it in our pre-show I think Columbus is gonna be horrible there’s the one team that takes a huge step back probably gonna be one of the more disappointing teams in the league this year I’m all oh I’m all over Buffalo

I also have a lien I’m not just saying this I’m not typically fan who’s gonna bet them all the time I thought the line was shady on Saturday night against Montreal it dipped down to 45 cents when usually the lease are a buck 80 or 200 at home to the Canadians it was a good spot for Montreal crazy game over the number lots of weird stuff but st. Louis they slipped by Dallas I think the Leafs at home will get it done it’ll be a QEW parlay on Monday Bryan at Toronto and Buffalo alright and let’s just some notes out of the gate of Winnipeg is a dog’s breakfast in Austin I was all for the Islanders unsaid I should have smashed that game harder I’m mad at myself that was a lock and there’s very faint locks in life but you’ve got to play the over in their games on a nightly basis yeah that’s a mess they’ve got one NHL defenseman I mean you telling me dmitry kulikov is a number one defenseman they’re going to score goals and they are I mean literally hella bucks gonna be talking about a little men on his shoulders after 10 games

yeah and we what do we get here Winnipeg in Pittsburgh they’re probably you know what Brian I wouldn’t be surprised at 7:00 we’re gonna see a six and a half seven you probably still play the over there Pittsburgh would they put up a seven burger against Columbus against the Jets in Pittsburgh Wow and the Jets can still score this this game has like seven five or seven four written all over it wouldn’t be surprised that we got double-digit goals in Winnipeg in Pittsburgh Edmonton and the Islanders on Tuesday nothing’s changed right cam it’s McDavid and dry sidle against the other team yeah and another thing with Edmonton look at their goaltending that’s what you’re gonna get with Mike Smith he’s gonna stand on his head and Edmonton’s gonna squeak out some wins or they’re gonna get murdered and need McDavid and dry sidle to score what happened on the weekend against the Kings they got McDavid and dry sidle to score six to five comeback win over LA not a very impressive win when you think about it for Edmonton laying 40 cents but you know in the Islanders I’m kind of looking at the car Brian and you know once these numbers get the six and a half seven I want to take some unders but not at the start of the season I gotta believe we could see some goals in this game the Islanders will probably want to try to slow it down it’s tough very very tough game yeah it’s hard to admit is a hard team to bet against because you know you can get burned by dry subtle and McDavid and the rest of the team nobody’s afraid of nice win by the Islanders over the Jets

what do you what do you think about this game Brian I’m kind of torn I like the over I guess yeah I’m I’m on board with you there if anything but I I kind of steer clear at the one I would throw at you is kind of a mixed bag Detroit gets off to a nice start with a couple of wins there’s score and goals but they’re a mess in their own end I had the over in their game with Dallas but Anaheim out of the gate and I remember this from last year cam Anaheim I don’t think it’s gonna be any great shakes but last year in the first month of the season yep until he got worn down it wasn’t even close the best goalie in the league was John Gibson and he’s doing it again out of a gate to low-scoring games he’s giving up a goal in both games I think Anaheim starting a road trip here I take I take a shot with Anaheim I agree with you 100 I spot goalie I I’m looking at the Tuesday card and I’m I’m in I think we’re gettin at a nice price because Detroit’s played better they beat Dallas manthis scoring all four goals for the Red Wings I got to be honest with you I thought it was that game was Dallas got robbed the refereeing was absolutely horrible nine penalties to Dallas is two it’s ridiculous Detroit was on a five on they had multiple five on threes in the final period of the game got them the win I’m with you though Anaheim and John Gibson I can feel it Bryan I think that’s a great play I think Detroit’s been a little bit lucky in their wins over Nashville and Dallas give me the ducks quack quack quack at a good price I’ll put that in the portfolio for sure

for outstanding information and special offerings and promotions we invite you and encourage you to sign up for our newsletter today simply by going to the website at Betcris Canada dotnet alright here’s a on paper ease about great game sandals days at Nashville San Jose Pumped twice by Vegas oh and three to start the season ah Evander cane was suspended for those first three so canes gonna make his debut in this game you know what I’m telling you the goaltending is shaky for San Jose I like the over in this game but I San Jose they got to get their act together fast oh yeah they don’t they don’t look right Brian also Nashville I think a team that very disappointing out of the gate I know losing to Detroit that was frustrating they were the bigger biggest favorite on the board that night I gotta believe Nashville gets it done at home against San Jose but I do like the over in that game as well I’m not you know it we’re on fade sharks that this team they’ve lost to the Ducks they lost back-to-back to Vegas it’s a problem Brian we talked about boat San Jose taking a step back I don’t think they’re as bad as their start indicates but Nashville at home I think they get their act together I like the home team in the over I’ll be very intrigued to see what number they put up Boston at Vegas it’s the get out game it’s a great game two unbeaten teams I think they may hang a six for a total but I think this is an under game no dua with flurry in Boston is just you know plays it close to the vest I think this is a sneaky under game he saw Boston what did they beat Arizona one to nothing it seems like boss is one of those teams they get it on the road you try to play a boring style unders try to you know get that first goal try it really lock down defensively the Bruins are a damn good team and they could do that Vegas at home is a tough animal I think Vegas wins like a a two to one three to two style hockey game – I think it’s gonna be tough I lean to the home team Brian keep digging we’re on the under I agree I think Boston they don’t score a lot of goals in Vegas people think it’s gonna be fireworks with these two clubs I’ll take the under alright

we’ll be back on Thursday to talk about the big Thursday card and look ahead to the weekend but let’s just look ahead to Wednesday there’s only three games two teams in the right way we’ll see Montreal and Buffalo that’ll be a big game the kings in Vancouver will be interesting but I just real quick want to focus on Jersey and Philly because you get Phil now first came back from going to Europe yep yeah and the Devils what have they been absolutely atrocious that game against Winnipeg below afford a nothing lead I’ve already mentioned I’m my Bloods boiling thinking about it not hedging out on that game and getting money then they got killed by the Sabres Philadelphia on the other hand connect me look really good in Europe with the two goals when they beat Chicago yeah it’s gonna be tough Flyers getting acclimated to back home it’s hard to back the Devils but higher bodies equal mistakes Brian probably a lean to the over in that game I really want to take New Jersey all the hype going into the season that’s we talked about a lot of hype it means nothing that the Rangers have been playing better hockey and that’s what I told people I go I kind of like this Ranger team a little bit more New Jersey’s getting all the hype New Jersey has no goaltending greater is a great guy but he’s hurt back would I know it’s train wreck back there they got gold any like the Devils can be a team it doesn’t matter New Jersey if you score four goals you’re gonna give up five or six you have to find a way

I don’t know what you’re gonna do you can’t piss this thing away but the devil’s got to make a deal for some type of goaltender they’re gonna see this season go down the toilet quickly well the funny thing is we talked about the Rangers and the devils with the same regular-season point total Anderson to go isn’t even a contest jerseys getting all the hype but yeah great you got all those players you have no goalies no none and the thing about Blackwood is he was really good when he first came out after a while teams figure it out he can’t you know I mean you can’t sustain that pace I love Corey Schneider’s a person Brian I met him he was very nice to me and but the problem is he’s been injury prone his whole his whole life he’s also a lot older people don’t understand remember back in the day backing up a little Wanda went Vancouver he’s not a young guy those are years ago when that team went to the Stanley Cup final and Schneider was there major injuries I feel bad for the guy but he’s very close to not having an NHL career and the devil’s got to do something about it because they got no tenders well the funny thing is you know in many sports most sports but you know I think it’s a tread lightly kind of thing going in

I don’t think it’s the case with hockey I think very quickly you can kind of see what’s going on and oh by the way just to throw this little subplot out then last year goals were way up here 6.02 and then over the course of the season and you know in the back third of the season things tighten up here you have to start the season and what are we into this now a week all right they are averaging in the league six point two two goals a game yeah that’s the thing right and there’ll be a time when they’re putting six and a half and sevens that would be looking at unders but right now losing loose defense Brian bad goaltending it’s the start of the year it’s like shitty hockey right now you got a bet these overs some telling you there’s not a doubt in my mind but the talent they got up front and and then nothing on the blue line hey I threw this out on Twitter the other night I’m just watching them literally very soon I got a believe in jets games you’re gonna see sevens oh yeah definitely holla back to I think he’s gonna take a step backwards you know no Byfuglien no blue line

yeah it’s true in the dark night yeah I mean literally you know it’s like you know I wonder when this guy goes home what does he have any lights in his house I don’t think it’s like using all candles there’s a lot of creepy goaltender’s in there look at these guys I’m like they look like serial killers like oh it’s very scary like they got that look to it they don’t know they say about goalies usually they’re the craziest guys on the team they’re really you know extroverted like the party with the guys or they don’t talk a lot of these guys are beat they’re the not non-talk guys dark rooms candles you’re right oh yeah I swear to God you’re walking it off it yeah you walk in you’d walk in the room to do an interview with them and you see how about you I want to throw candy in his Halloween bag we talked about the jets from the star to Brian this is a team that’s you know what I mean they’re not going up they’re going down I still like the forwards on this team they got a lot of talent there but it doesn’t matter your back end it’s very bad they need guys and hello buck I think is a guy that’s okay I don’t think he’s as good as people think so yeah the Jets are gonna give up a lot of goals and that gives us an excuse to bet a lot overs with this team all right we love talking pucks the season is underway Brian blessing cam Stuart we’re ready to watch this season take off and we are gonna be here for you all season long

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