Best Canadian Sportsbook

What’s The Best Canadian Sportsbook

Sports betting in Canada is somewhat limited in terms of making wagers at a brick and mortar sportsbook, as Canada has a federal ban on single-game sports betting. Canada does have Pro Line “sports lotteries” for residents, but these lotteries are not player friendly, and they are more like a lottery than true sports betting. When players take part in the “sports lotteries” they have limited choices and the bets consist of at least two games on the ticket, or what is known as a parlay. Successful sports gamblers know that parlays are long term money losers and the provinces in Canada know this as well.

Because there is no long term way to beat the sports lotteries, serious bettors look to go elsewhere with their action. There is no incentive for Pro Line in Canada to provide good lines or anything resembling competitive lines, so most serious bettors simply take their action elsewhere. The best option is to simply go outside of Canada and wager at a sportsbook in a foreign country – preferable a tropical country with nice beaches that’s close to home. And instead of getting unfavorable sports betting lines, you can get the best sports betting odds at our Top 5 Sportsbooks for NHL betting.

The whole US is flyover country now

Sports betting in Canada is a different market than in the United States, as residents of Canada focus on hockey and Canadian Football League action. You might not realize just how popular hockey and CFL betting are in Canada. There is already a connection between daily fantasy sports and Canada, as there are DFS contests at DraftKings and other DFS companies featuring NHL and CFL games. The question is just how long it will be before Canada follows the United States and allows sports betting. Gamblers can now walk into sportsbooks in Nevada, New Jersey and many other states to place their bets. It may be the case soon in Canada where bettors can make wagers on NHL and CFL games simply by walking into their local sportsbook, but in the meantime, there’s got to be a better place to go.