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February 18, 2021 | The Hockey Betting Podcast

EPISODE RECAP: Another week ended with most of the guys’ predictions holding true on this episode of The Hockey Betting Podcast. Cam was correct to fade the Nashville Predators on Thursday as a fired-up Columbus club romped 3-0 at home. Brian clipped Cam on a Sabres-Caps forecast when Washington prevailed 3-1, but Cam also called Minnesota’s triumph on Thursday and Carolina’s 2-goal win on Friday. Florida’s series-opening puck line vs Detroit was a Blessing as promised on the show, thanks to Aleksander Barkov and the ‘Cats chasing Red Wing goalie Thomas Greiss with four goals in the first 15:15. Ottawa was “barking” all night Saturday to help Brian win a sweet underdog pick in OT. The podcast duo’s main frustration of the weekend was common to NHL fans. Lake Tahoe’s ample sunshine did a lot more than drive-up the goal total. Listen to this episode of The Hockey Betting Podcast.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Is this the February 18, 2021 episode of The Hockey Betting Podcast with Brian Blessing and Cam Stewart? BEEP BEEP BEEP “. . . then put your little hand in mine, there ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb. . . babe.” Rise and shine! It’s time for another “NHL Groundhog Day” episode of The Hockey Betting Podcast. In this episode, Cam gives Brian a career push to become an NHL agent for Arizona Coyote Conor Garland, and the guys ponder whether COVID revenge angles are a thing. Should you consider how much sunshine there will be in Lake Tahoe before betting this weekend, and does Cam have enough problems in his life without the Buffalo Sabres? Find the answers to life’s pressing questions along with Brian and Cam’s free NHL picks, betting insights and hockey high-jinx when you listen to this episode of The Hockey Betting Podcast.

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San Jose Sharks at St. Louis Blues

Ryan O’ Reilly and the “angry” Blues begin a new series as a (+120) puck line bet. Brian thinks the fresh match-up could have a dramatic effect on the total. Cam thinks San Jose’s defense is softer than Arizona’s and makes a confident pick. Listen to this episode of The Hockey Betting Podcast for the details.

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Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins

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Episode Transcipts

hey folks this is Brian Blessing hope
you’re enjoying the hockey betting
podcast we have a couple chuckles trying
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you’re listening to the hockey betting
podcast with your hosts
Brian Blessing in las vegas and Cam
in Toronto this is the hockey betting
preview for
thursday February 18 2021
and now live from las vegas your host of
The Hockey Betting Podcast
Brian Blessing
the alarm clock hey everybody
oh my god i’m going crazy
all right we can do the podcast let’s
see tonight Ottawa Toronto you already
saw for two weeks uh Islanders
Pittsburgh uh you already saw it
Boston yeah don’t worry you’ll be seeing
it hey look the Flyers are back okay we
can talk about that one
oh good god Arizona and st
louis for the eighth time but uh
Arizona’s playing good some good hockey
but anyway Brian uh
where where do we start with the Leafs
and senators uh
part three part 11.
lisa three bucks again otto Ottawa
beat him took him to the mat yep he
hadn’t had a 10 bill chance to tie the
what is this all right so it is it’s the
third one
otto was playing hard they are i mean
what do you do
you know what it was honestly here’s all
the clowning aside though
you know a new series first game high
second game low
now we get to the third game now that’s
our we get we got to extend our
what do we do with the third game i
guess you just go with a better team i
i guess i don’t know we can like there’s
really no like i got to create a
database or something for these type of
i don’t know even know what you call it
but i gotta believe Ottawa
falling short and playing so well this
could be the game Brian where
you know what i mean like they’re almost
out of gas and the Leafs like pump them
like a six to three type of game like
that’s the vibe
i’m getting from it we’ve Ottawa has
been a great live bet
we talked about it like some of the
books you know you’re getting plus two
plus two and a half when they’re down a
goal and
they’re hanging in every game like let’s
call it for what it is the least
shouldn’t be a
minus 310 but you got to believe though
uh Brian they
you know the Ottawa is getting some good
goaltending too they got great student
you talked about him batherson they got
some good young players on that team but
i gotta believe
oh here we go like they might be out of
here’s our angle i guess third game if
it was going to happen it’s going to
matt murray versus hutch oh a touch oh
will the Leafs play for hutch question
even if they do help they probably you
know otto was still going to like the
land but if they don’t it’s a track meet
yeah i like the over i agree i don’t
think he could touch Toronto if hutch
like vomits all over himself as you like
to say Brian it might be like 5-4
Ottawa or the Leafs can play for this
guy in Ottawa still going to get a
yeah six and a half yes over
tough card though yeah no i know like
it’s all kind of bleeding into each
you know what’s funny buddy i mean
you’re saying that but it’s like
you’re right it’s like it is no normally
right say this is a year ago
when you know life is normal and you
know we’re not wearing masks and you’re
not dropping car keys in the snow and
all that kind of thing
and you look at the the nhl card you go
oh yeah i like that i like that
that one i like that now you’re sitting
there going it’s a rubik’s cube like
well how many times have they played
each other
it’s it’s weird it is it is weird but
yeah i think Ottawa Toronto over the way
to attack it guys if you’re
listening to the program like Brian i
like we’ve been we’ve been pretty solid
in dead yeah no in all seriousness it’s
a hard card like Ottawa’s played these
guys tough
you get a backup goalie i think the leaf
should win the game and the game goes
over but at 310
if you like the Toronto side Brian it’s
either parlay material
with uh somebody else or you know what i
mean the over i think is a good way to
go about it
all right got one for you here the
Islanders are at pitch oh i’m listening
and i’m listening all right the pens are
a dollar
twenty so be it plain better
uh but here’s the deal they’ve only
played once this year was a 4-3
game and the Islanders we we said it’s
how hard is it would it be to bet
under you know so it’s casey the smith
you know var lamov is really good
he’s seven two and two his goals against
is one eight nine but
you had the Islanders who just played
the Sabres twice
and they got the lead in both games Cam
and literally
it was like python time
if you’re wearing green and red you know
it looked like jacques lemaire’s left
wing lock devils
and the Sabres couldn’t do anything
about it you know
it’s the first game of a new set here i
think i’d kind of go with the
over five and a half i mean you’re not
going to get many Pittsburgh games
that are five and a half and and for
llama was really good but crosby malkin
blah blah blah
i mean i think Pittsburgh you know
certainly can pot a couple here where
the Sabres couldn’t
i think i’d i’d fire back with the over
here first game of a new set between
these two
i don’t have a problem with that and
yeah the Islanders you know they can
kind of dictate styles sometimes and you
said it like the sabre’s not even
getting a shot
in the third period of game that’s
insane it looks like they’re getting
back to their old islander ways under
barry trots and
they weren’t playing well before i got
to be honest with you too Brian you look
at that price
you know you’re going to give me the
Islanders they’re a hot team like they
swept Buffalo it’s like are they just
going to like take the night off they
don’t seem like that team they’re very
but this streak could go on for a while
they’re actually understanding hey
we’re a good team you know we’ve always
been playing this way the last couple
years they’ve been great to us as dogs
i don’t really feel comfortable laying
20 25 cents with Pittsburgh i lean to
the Islanders in this spot
jersey in Boston Boston is a big
favorite you know about 230
yeah totals five and a half listen the
devil’s lindy rough
whatever he’s doing you know i mean he’s
making great job so they come off the
ridiculous layoff and they beat the
rangers 5-2 well okay you’re jumping
into the deep end of the pool with who
you’re shooting at tonight
i i think i think you come back if
jersey’s playing good and hard
and they’re in this game with Boston
it’s it’s a low scoring game it’s a 2-1
kind of game the way jersey’s playing
give them credit they’re playing good
i’d kind of go i’d go under the total
i agree with you i think uh Boston wins
this game three to one
maybe you know four to one tops we get
the five and a half that hook is really
i also think Boston’s parlay material
the devils were playing the rangers it
was 2-2 they exploded in the third
period to win that game Brian i got to
give them full marks you said lindy
ruff’s done a great job but
uh Boston is a different animal uh
like they’re at home they’re just one of
these teams even if they’re down you
still think they can come back
uh i see a low scoring game as to Boston
and parlays maybe even on the puck line
you said it could be a two to one three
to one type of game but i agree with you
under five and a half all right then we
get in
it’s a hard team to trust but let’s just
go with our theory
nashville’s at columbus columbus is
minus a quarter the total is five and a
bottom line is here you know this
nashville thing is a dog’s breakfast
i it’s the first game of a new set
it’s rinnie versus mers leakings and i
would lean
over but i also would say
i’d go columbus’s way i mean nashville’s
desperate but it looks
it looks pitiful but uh what do you call
our boys here columbus just got
embarrassed 7-3
and it’s one thing when a team gets
embarrassed to bounce back
it’s another thing for a team to get
embarrassed with tortorella as the head
i couldn’t agree more nashville to me is
fade material is actually going to load
up on the dallas game before the power
outages Brian and yeah not just colder
we got deal with storms in
in dallas just a crazy year altogether
but columbus is only 25 cents i like the
over i think they can get there
i don’t trust the nashville predators in
any type of situation if they beat us
so be it but i like columbus in this
spot and i like the over i think
columbus will win this game like five to
five to two all right last game for
the Flyers they beat the cab 7-4
that was February 7th so here’s another
one of these teams
coming off the shelf and it started out
okay this is unbelievable these teams
coming off the shelf for winning
well the devils pulled it off the Sabres
in minnesota didn’t they
not though it was one and two yeah and
they’re they’re playing the they’re
playing the rangers here
but the one thing is hart’s a different
goalie home in a way
i you know rangers coming off of laws i
lean philadelphia’s way but you know
what too many unknowns
it’s a coin flip because of them coming
off the shelf i like the under i think
at five and a half um
not my favorite game on the board but
the rangers play those low scoring games
and the
devil’s kind of exploded on them i don’t
know what uh the loss of
uh trouba on the defense four to six
weeks he’s out for
they were already a little bit thin when
d’angelo left the team but they were
playing better so i i got to tell you
with with the rangers there i kind of
like them as a sneaky like small little
dog tonight i think the line tells you
that the books are
afraid like they should have made
philadelphia like a buck 25
a buck 30. we’re opening up at a buck 15
that tells me something it’s not our
first rodeo
i think the rangers might be live i see
like a a two to two very tight game
maybe the rangers steal one in overtime
or shoot out
i like i like them as a small dog in
this uh spot maybe the under but i like
yeah i think that’s the way i’m gonna go
with this game i think i’m gonna take a
shot with the rangers and the under
i and when i talk about this kami i may
make this sound like and i may tug
myself into this being
maybe one of the better plays on the
night for a myriad of weird reasons st
puckline san jose at st louis
and saint louis dollar 86 but the total
is sitting at six well it’s five and a
half over a quarter or six under a
i think this is one of those breath of
fresh air games
i think there are goals galore in this
you had st louis play Arizona seven
games in a row
yep okay san jose had been scoring goals
then they played vegas and they played
anaheim who can’t shoot it in the ocean
two low scoring games i think these two
specifically st louis is going to be
thrilled to see anybody else they don’t
know each other hate each other yet
first game of a new set
i i think this is goals i think this is
an over game
i i think it’s i think it’s my best bet
on the card tonight is san jose st
louis over i like saint louis and i like
the over
is what we talk about if you get the
five and a half i wouldn’t be shocked if
st louis put put up a five spot this is
a team that’s coming off a loss to
they’re gonna be angry they didn’t bury
their chances san jose they’re not the
defensive monster that Arizona has we
got to give Arizona credit like
you know what i mean they’re getting
great goaltending and they’re playing a
great defensive system they got good
young players back then san jose
they got guys like me and you out there
Brian they’re all they’re older veterans
i got to be honest with you in my
opinion i think the whole san jose team
should be for sale
and try to rebuild because you’re going
nowhere with this club st louis is going
to be absolutely pissed
the way they played against Arizona some
of those games in the series they look
i think st louis yeah they can hit the
total themselves i think they
blow these guys out of the water six to
three type of game give me the blues
to just go back to the theory that we’ve
been talking about that seven game set
all right with Arizona game one
i gotta let me go back here so long ago
all right game one
four three over we had the app over yep
all right
game two actually Came back and was four
three it was over two then
but they split okay so different team
then you went under over under over
under yep every other game is different
in terms of adjustments that are being
made and that’s what i’m saying
you’re seeing a fresh face there’s no
adjustments go out and play hockey
and you know santa’s san jose got more
than enough guys can put the puck in the
and with perron and o’reilly and those
guys are going to be pissed
they’re like they’re i expect points
from o’reilly perron and the rest of
these guys tonight
even their defenseman you know tory
kruger i think could have a big night i
i just love the blue the blues are
professional organization the way they
played against Arizona
you could tell berube like he’s gonna
light a fire under these guys and san
jose could be in big trouble
i’m with you buddy we’ll see how this
first game goes over i’m taking
i’m taking the home team too it will be
parlayed with some other dance partners
but uh i couldn’t agree more at the
total of five if you
the six i’m not worried about they they
post a six to scare you
we’re we’re going to go for it we’re not
scared over how about
la and anaheim and i would just i will
what’s going on now no no no here’s i
mean you you gotta
it’s honestly god bless you you just sit
back relax and
you know drink your eureka live and
whatever free
golovk yep but when i do this it’s like
okay here’s the game
then i got like five browsers here’s
where they oh i know you do that’s why
you’re the host of the show
right no no but no so so i’m like okay
so i get the starting point now i’m off
to the third browser then i’m like well
wait a minute what was the damn game
yeah exactly but it’s la elena Arizona
but does Arizona land a dollar
sixty wait no thanks i know what i like
well the kings have won two in a row i
know and they’re playing better hockey
but they still don’t score Arizona likes
to play a slow game i see
what do you see a two to one game here i
don’t see six goals in this game
maybe it’s a sneaky over but well i just
i know i know this
and i kind of like Arizona they’re fun
to watch a little bit they are but uh
they’re not a dollar sixty favorite in
this game that’s oh it’s it’s high
and i won’t be betting Arizona this is a
game that could trip people up the old
add the parlay game because i think
people just put in Arizona
or uh you know just try to get get that
thing boosted but
hey let’s give Arizona full marks they
played well in those games
against st louis they’ve really
tightened up defensively their
goaltending’s been fantastic
uh but i’m not laying 60 cents so for me
it’s the under
and i’m going to pass on the side in
this game lean to Arizona but i don’t
want to take it
you know we are absolutely pally doing
the we’re doing the wrong thing
after all these years be tough to start
over but we should be a hockey agent
i mean i mean this this kid zach white
cloud with vegas
is making 70s in the offseasons his
first full year
he was like phenomenal in the bubble and
the kid signs a two-year deal for 725
a year i’m like who the hell is this
guy’s age and he’s playing better than
petrangelo right now i know the guy’s
okay okay so there’s that one but the
other one is
here i’ll give you Arizona i’ll say
i will say you’ll get it in you’ll get
now get who the name the top three guys
for Arizona that
right now i’d say clayton keller
uh who else is on that team’s on fire
right now
uh yeah you’re right oh god that’s all
right i’m sorry it’s early
no this connor garland guy harland
garland garland
connor garland you’re right garland he
is on
fire he’s awesome
this guy’s making seven hundred thousand
dollars a year that’s stupid
that’s uh i gotta be honest with you
let’s get Arizona because talking
those guys they’re not playing with a
full deck either like they have to deal
with people not wanting to go there
the hockey market’s not as big as some
other ones you know i know i
complained before this this and that
about the game against the blues but you
know when you watch Arizona night after
night like you get a respect for that
team like
Brian you said it that’s an absolute
steal this guy’s one of the best young
players in the league
he’s great for under a million yeah no
that’s the thing see we wouldn’t
i don’t know how i have no
qualifications to be an agent what do i
do just sit back there and get hey
my clients he’s pretty good you know
well you can’t be any worse than white
cloud and garland’s agent is my point
yeah yeah i know
they could have picked us yeah yeah
that’s the thing we’ve just been down
for beers with them and said hey we’ll
represent you
hey don’t you think this guy should get
like 2.5 a year oh yeah
yeah okay okay how hard is it
no Arizona yeah you know you got me
thinking Arizona it might be the play
there i just don’t like the juice
what are we going to do with uh no
errors you said it karner garland
underrated and they got a lot of good
young players in that team they’re even
like chitran on defense and these other
guys like they’re they’re know what they
are they’re guys you don’t know about
if you don’t watch every night but
they’re all like young and above average
that’s the thing they got a nice little
base there
uh minnesota anaheim Brian that’s the
last game on the docket do we come back
to minnesota
they really let me down well they got
their legs under them you give them a
pass for the first game
i’ll give them ass but they better take
care of business tonight because i think
i’m going to bet them
yeah no i know i mean oh by the way i’m
anaheim if you’re into numbers if you’re
into such things betting
yeah which uh anaheim’s got the lowest
goals a game
one point nine four a game it’s hideous
what do you think about the total you
know everyone’s going to smash the under
maybe minnesota figures it out tonight
they were horrible against l.a
well if you know they get their legs and
it’s the first of a two-game set just
blindly going on the
theory over first game under second i
you know
i guess but there’s other other options
by the way
it’s not the last game on the card
there’s a write-in game
because yeah even though i’m looking at
the time why is it why is it at the
capitals because
my friend the sabers you know what Brian
i’m gonna do something stupid Buffalo
lost two games to the uh Islanders
this is a Cam Stewart special season’s
i didn’t give up on vancouver remember a
lot buddy when we were doing our podcast
hit edmonton and coover last night
people were calling me like insane for
taking vancouver they murdered calgary
that night
they can fight back Buffalo this is it
this is your stanley cup this is
everything you historically play
washington tough
i’m going to take a shot with the Sabres
as my ugly dog with rabies of the night
who really needs help and if this dog
doesn’t win
unfortunately i can’t take care of him
anymore like sorry old
yeller he gone i’m not
i would never build a dog but i gotta
get away you know what i mean like my
aren’t you a little surprised honestly
that when you you see some of these
numbers in who the favorites are there’s
just so much talent on that team that
right now they’re the numbers telling
you Buffalo they’re playing
you know like here would you have made
washington after losing two games to
uh buck 80. yeah but yeah yeah but
here’s Buffalo coming back off the shelf
two games
where they they barely showed up against
the Islanders
and you know they lost three one and
three nothing
you know and it’s only a dollar it’s
only a dollar seventy it is almost like
they’re trying to tell you something
it’s a trap i’m i’m on Buffalo and uh
let me come in regulation or plus one
and a half just for safety but i’m on
this breaks my heart it breaks my heart
because you’re gonna bet on washington
no no no i it breaks my heart because i
love the guy but i’m telling you i’m
watching michael
and body language is not good
it’s not it’s not good and you know by
the way
a with the crew that they’ve had they’re
in there defensively you got to find out
because it’s a big difference
and especially if he if he does come
back tonight and i i can’t find it
he has an in-game war every game and
it’s pretty impressive
is risto linen and ovechkin literally
can’t stand each other
i mean they throw three or four checks
where they’re trying to murder each
other every game but ristolina was not
playing in those first two games his
i mean they made those guys made
ristolina look like a norris candidate
yeah him not being in the lineup
in their own end colin miller is brutal
i mean he could get him
like watching the sabers like i don’t
know Brian we have enough problems in
our life that’s just one that we don’t
but i’m thinking about what i do you
know i could see the text me texting you
can you Brian i can you believe i
brought the saber slam exclamation mark
i am a complete stooge but i’m doing it
i’m doing it you didn’t hear it from me
all me you guys can all the complaints
about the hockey podcast if to say i’m
just saying the sabers could be live i
don’t know
well you know why if they win this game
i’ll tell you this if they win this game
and he’s capable of it
they are capable no it was all mark and
then it was
omar is way better than hud i agree with
that all right so they get all marks
getting the start tonight
you know what here’s the thing about
washington you’re coming out that big
win a bit against Pittsburgh
Buffalo comes to town a team that she’s
like Buffalo i just see washington
coming out cold i’d actually take know
what a good bet might be Buffalo first
if they come out if they show any type
of pride they come out and get a lead in
this game
we got to move on from this but then
actually we do holy cheese yeah
no no but the real quick the one thing
washington coming out of the gate
you had samsonov and the vinichek kid
and the vinichik kid stood on his head
and carried them through you know a time
when all those guys were out there when
that kids hit a wall yeah you know what
is it going to be uh samson off luggage
tonight i even like Buffalo more than
i don’t care who’s in that no it’s
energy it’s omar convinced
this kid into the ground Buffalo i know
i’m taking a shot with Buffalo
Buffalo if you’re listening this podcast
i know you’re not but anybody your boy
krueger your
my son says your company stinks yeah it
stinks and i’ll say this Buffalo
show up tonight and get it done this is
a spot you said it Brian like if these
guys lose this game i don’t know where
they go for
they’re honestly i mean i’m you know i’m
a big stick
they’re losing their fan base they are
because people are up in arms
what do they do for their fan base
nothing hey listen skinner’s making nine
and then you know what and they’re they
threw him up with michael nothing
he’s playing hard but he’s he cannot
score and
you know who’s costing himself a a
brinks truck every night out there
taylor hall yeah looks like junk right
he signed a one-year eight million
dollar deal i mean
it’s to the point where the sabers don’t
want him that’s a horrible deal
like you know think about all the young
players you talked about Arizona and
then we look at
taylor hall former coyote making eight
million dollars and playing like that
sorry that’s you know what Brian you
should be hired by the Sabres sabers if
you’re listening Brian Blessing i
guarantee can do a better job than some
of the guys you have
uh in that organization it’s disgusting
but you know what i’m gonna give him one
more shot Brian if they lose
you’ll get a text from me saying uh yeah
you should have told me so but
i i gotta have faith in this uh streak
ending let’s rock on uh let’s do it
let’s let’s get the next here
it’s The Hockey Betting Podcast uh we
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uh get in there play along with us go to
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have at it yes yes and i will have at it
i will thursday i’m gonna tell you man
i’m right like i’m ready to go what are
we on here friday
no no no yeah yeah yeah great we did a
show last night
yeah how delirious you are we’re doing a
show on wednesday night
you said thursday like three times i’m
like kiddo i know i did kiddo
uh i don’t know you know i don’t know
where the atomic clock
stops in canada but you’re it’s going
really fast you’re a day ahead
no you’re right Brian i just said i’m
like it was like the third time
every time you said it i said yeah
i don’t even know and then i see and
then the first thing i see is tweet sent
tweets out you guys ready yeah we’re
down boy what do we do caroline
caroline yeah i almost fell
off my recliner which is hard to do
because i
there’s such a dent in it but but
mine is pretty dangerous but chicago
i look i go what like chicago’s tied for
first in the central then i’m like oh oh
okay well that’s great yeah but
everybody’s got four games in hand in
them they’re the one team that
played they’re the one team that’s been
playing games straight through
but but nonetheless you gotta give them
credit at nine five and four
because they looked terrific in the
beginning i’m gonna tell you i will give
them credit but also beating up detroit
every night should i
should i be impressed no i’m not and
i’ll tell you one thing carolina’s
like this is a two dollars puck line
parlays like carolina lost to florida
that game chicago they should have lost
to detroit i watched the game like they
got dominated and they
that goalie they got oh man he’s good
he’s been
standing on his head there Brian was a
cat you know the guy i’m talking about
the finished kid he’s uh he’s
unbelievable he’s unbelievable
he’s been they’ve been getting great
goaltending i’m on the lagging kid
lacking yeah locking in is not lacking
talent i can tell you that lacking in
is unreal he’s been playing good and the
only reason i could lose this game is
because of lacking in but i’m on
carolina to blow these guys up i’m sorry
i opposed that get right guys i
apologize for not like being immediately
there to cover you
i’m multitasking you know it’s not a
hockey podcast but the eagles just
traded carson wentz to the colts for a
second rounder and a conditional
second that can turn into a first
nfl nfl carousel quarterback carousel
yeah yeah yeah carson we’re gonna get
two first round picks and whatever get
anyway carolina is the play for me Brian
i wouldn’t be surprised
if they hit uh over six and a half i see
carolina if the goalie in chicago
doesn’t stand on his head he might give
up five or six alone
florida going into detroit sasquatch
foot laying a dollar seventy
i might take detroit i’m telling you
this team is snake bitten did
phil florida feeling good about
themselves these are the games that i
like that fall under the radar
detroit’s actually played well against
florida this year too
plus 150 you got me thinking i’ll tell
you one thing i’m not betting florida
Brian what do you think
it’d be puckline or nothing for me i
mean for florida yeah
they’re detroit can play detroit’s
beating these guys four to one they like
overtime games against florida they’re
snake bitten like
detroit destroyed scalded me a couple of
times in games
at the over a couple of times in the
last 10 days with these guys
post you know i know always adam’s apple
falls just out like you can’t you can’t
that’s the thing i watch that give me a
call post post post it’s like
man you should want you should have won
this game sometimes those posts are
gonna go hit the post and go in
and you’re getting these guys at a price
i don’t i don’t know the total five and
a half whatever
i just think detroit might be live
that’s all all right we here we go
tell me oh here we go battle all roberta
part two they better give us a better
one didn’t happen no it sucked it was
and now calgary should be coming in here
good for you you had edmonton they got
the win over winnipeg i know you needed
that one yeah
i did i ever but you know calgary is
coming in here
having what would they do they i guess
not the end of the world they they smell
they got smoked by vancouver
they split those adults
so it’s not the end of the world and uh
the thing i would say to be careful with
and maybe calgary fell victim to it was
the looking ahead to the battle of
alberta i agree
um but i like calgary here
i like blood i like over
blood teeth calgary yeah that seems
about right
uh all right been being vancouver’s home
oh god this game’s giving me a headache
already pick them vic
over winnipeg vancouver it’s a new
series i mean
yeah vancouver can score i’m sorry
i’m sorry winnipeg can score vancouver’s
actually been playing better too
uh yeah i can lean over i could see a
five to four four to three type of game
by the way winnipeg’s found their
offense they scored three three and five
the last three games vancouver back home
new new opponent oh
and the the making you pay for it to get
there but six and a half
um you know there’s a lot of a lot of
skill guys out there
yeah yeah yeah i i know i agree i i
would i would still take the over in
that game though Brian and
you’re right vancouver’s a little
they’re playing a little bit better but
still defensively their train wreck and
winnipeg let’s call it out for what it
is they’re they’re no prize either they
can let in goals so
yeah the over’s the way to go all right
well i mean we could be here for a week
uh you know doing the weekend here but
that’s the bed we’ve made so let’s go uh
saturday again you’re looking ahead when
we do this
not knowing what results are of certain
Buffalo Buffalo new jersey i again do
they show up in the makeup game with
watching no they don’t
i’m going to tell you something if
Buffalo beats washington i’m not really
concerned about them stringing it
also Buffalo beat new jersey two times
and both games were
uh actually no one new jersey won the
last time they played but
they’ve been very tight games i gotta i
gotta probably take new jersey in this
spot Brian but well i’d
this is the problem that’s the new angle
but wait a minute
wait a minute it’s the new angle that’s
never existed in hockey before
okay how much should it be worth in the
wagering Buffalo’s got
the covered revenge angle
i mean new jersey
new jersey gave them new jersey shut
their season down
and knocked them off the tracks
maybe maybe they take it out on jersey i
don’t know about that they might
yeah i love our theories i got no clue
i leaned to new jersey vegas colorado
now let’s start
the one thing i would say that by the
way that Buffalo jersey game is
a 12 30 start i’ve told you this before
wait a minute Buffalo plays good in day
they really do they they they they score
good in day games
the one thing is uh you know the
pre-game report
they’ll be doing covet testing at about
5 30 in the morning for that game
i don’t know i don’t know how you know
no i’m with you i covered revenge i i
don’t know
i don’t know rangers caps
real quick it’s another day okay oh yeah
you’re right sorry this
this my calendar is way too loud it goes
from 12 to three hours
it’s hard to do this now you’re waiting
to see how the k how these teams played
in the previous game
uh again starting a new series let’s do
one for sure we can we can dive into
vegas and colorado it’s the first of the
two outdoor games
and i’m telling you generally
historically speaking with outdoor games
you look to play the under
and there’s wind the ice is necessarily
not as good
the games can be dumped in chase games
you scored the man advantage to score
our face-offs
that being said i think all these years
i think they
know what they’re doing now and the ice
is really good for these outdoor games
and the weather Cam
is going to be 40 degrees partly sunny
partly cloudy
if it’s bright sunshine and this is my
thing the forecast for sunday says
a big yellow ball and if it but watch
the pre-game show
and the tune-up for this thing because
they’ll be the big hype machine before
the game
if it’s bright sunshine let me tell you
something the goaltender’s got issues
with the glare on the ice oh big time
you ever played outdoor games i have
when i was younger and we talked to gabe
about it on game time decisions
uh Brian on the grid and uh yeah it’s
horrible for a goaltender the glare you
could put the
the football dark stuff under your eyes
it doesn’t matter you’re
you talked about it you get glares you
get weird angles goalies hate that
stuff if the sun is bright over is the
way to go even with these two teams
the last time uh vegas and colorado
played both games went to the under
maybe they have a little bit of fun with
it this is a very tough game to pick
from a side
but i’m probably gonna go with vegas in
this sport
exactly exactly that’s a good angle too
like when you play hockey the worst
thing you can do is give up a goal in
the first
minute of the period or the last it
really pisses you off and that beg is
a talented enough team to hold their
anger into this game let me
let me ask you that my answer is these
two teams are so evenly matched and that
game the other night was one of the
fastest games of the year
great it was a great hockey i wonder if
in colorado by the way talk to uh jeff
sherman at the super book
you know colorado even in vegas where
all the money comes in on vegas
colorado’s like a 20 cent favorite over
if they were to play in a serie in a in
the playoffs
is vegas not a bad idea maybe in the
first period
with that stone in their shoe from the
last game yeah
yeah it’s kind of like the way i looked
at Buffalo and hopefully it works me
yeah vegas first period
i got no problem with that uh they can
get out to the lead in that game no it’s
a good angle Brian i like it i still
we’ll take a look at the weather could
be over in this game but this should be
a classic i leaned to vegas here by the
no small coincidence those two games
went under
and fleur you know number one and number
in the league in save percentage flurry
and grubhour
number one number two great defenses on
both sides too colorado’s probably got
the deepest defense
in the league vegas is amazing as well
should be a lot of fun in this one and
both offenses you said these teams are
the total package if colorado’s not
winning the cup
vegas should be right there Brian two of
the best in the league should be fun
the rich get richer i mean you had macar
and gerard didn’t play in these last two
i would think they were sounded like
they were close you got to see if either
one of those guys gets in
but you talk about just the rich getting
they’ve got those two kids and now you
throw this bow and by room in there
Cam you have no i don’t know how close
you watch that game this kid was a stud
up at the world juniors
he played 25 minutes against vegas he
was one of the best players on the ice
he dangles he i mean he’s 19 years old
the blue line in colorado is gonna sick
yeah no that’s what they they lock up
that blue line for a decade it’s a
good luck rest of the nhl because that’s
going to be a nightmare to deal with
all right let’s go to some of the
different matchups um
what you mean you mean Islanders in
Pittsburgh no
no i’m not doing it i refuse
montreal is the play on okay no no no no
i said the games let’s not talk about
the games that
the first games of the series the fresh
matchups here Toronto and montreal is
yes and uh Toronto had problems with
Ottawa they get it done they still
this team is just a little bit too cocky
the the way they’re playing i
they they are shooting more pucks than
that we talk about this
but montreal also um you know
Ottawa and montreal get up for playing
Toronto i know montreal Came back the
last time in a two-to-one victory is
Toronto really gonna be that angry i
don’t think they are they’re
they’re comfortable right now look at
their record like 12 and three these
guys are on fire i think montreal needs
the game more even though they’re very
close to Toronto i would lean montreal
in this spot this is coming from a guy
cheers for the Leafs i think montreal
could be the play the rest of these
basically are rematches with the
exception i would just say this to you
watch la Arizona watch the one specific
i think you’re getting goals
see if i’m right i think you’re getting
goals in the first match up on thursday
night san jose st
louis if that is a high scoring game i
would come back with the under in the
second game of this game
of this year but i think you can apply
that to many of these
matchups if the first game between these
teams that are playing is high scoring
you got to look under in the total in
the second game we’ve told you that all
year long
for the most part it’s absolutely
working here’s another one buddy
tampa bay and dallas i don’t know see
that’s why you’re smart Brian i was
going to go to that game you looked
through everything with your with your
laser eye and you saw that game this is
the game we talk about because everybody
everything else is a
another rematch what do we do with this
spot dallas
no power ready to go i thought they were
going to kick the crap out of nashville
before that game got postponed
you say a burr in their saddle i’d look
for dallas to be live you know what pal
maybe i’m crazy you know what buddy you
know we taped this on
uh thursday all right we do let’s not
waste a lot of time on this
because the sad truth is with what’s
going on in texas this game may not go
yeah no you’re right you’re right but
i’m saying if it does
you’re right though the dallas like what
are they doing there’s no power right
they were in a really good spot i
thought before all this stuff happened
and then to get right spot against
nashville they lost heartbreaking games
to carolina in those series Brian all
games in overtime and
every like what’s happening to dallas
and tampa bay rolls in there
you know stanley cup rematch i think at
dallas if they’re going to play one damn
game where they like throw everything at
them the kitchen sink it’s this game and
they will be a home dog
well buddy do you realize they got
in uh three of their last five but they
lost all five of those games
i know that’s what i’m talking about i
think it’s a great spot for dallas other
than the power situation in dallas and
the cancellations against nashville
they have the stanley cup champions
coming in rematch
anger there’s a lot of things to like
and everyone’s going oh dallas what
about the power and whatever you know
the way these narratives work the
opposite happens i’m with dallas
i’m not falling for anything and if i
lose this game that’s my fault
i’m on the stars all right and we’ve
made it to sunday
and we’re looking at at the outdoor game
philly and Boston now this is the one
you know hearts really good at home rask
is really good anywhere as long as he
doesn’t look at the scoreboard
um that was a joke
leaves the net up to one like what
this is
what you mean you mean you mean the
thing that is the size of the house that
is right in front of you that you’re
standing at all games like
okay well like so is he the guy like the
coach in cassidy calls a timeout
uh tuko what do you think we should do
what do we do what do we do this is the
this is the over i like it i like it
over here
you know what i’m going over to everyone
thinks philadelphia Boston
but remember we have to pay attention to
this stuff we got to see if the sun is
watch this watch watch the vegas game
see how the ice is
but but the one thing is with the
weather forecast and it is held true
this entire week leading up it’s a big
glob it’s supposed to be bright sunshine
uh for this game and it’s going to be
played at noon
it’ll go till whatever three o’clock so
you know by the second and third period
of that game the sun will be at its
highest point now
how they’ve got it set up the one the
one difference
may be is how exactly it may do our
homework here
how did they set the rank up it’s one
thing you could set the rink up on a
golf course anywhere you want it the
problem they’ve had
in the in the past when you put a rink
in a stadium you have to put it in that
here they could they could massage and
they can turn it however but they want
the picture postcard or the lake behind
but you would think they’ve got it so
that the sun is not facing either end
you would hope but even if it’s not i’m
there’s still glare glare off the ice it
is blinding
it is that’s that’s that’s the thing
it’s not like a controlled environment
under weird lights that you go to
watching a game in an arena this is
you can’t stop the sun there’s no way to
you know what i mean when he’s shining
down and if you hit a spot
Brian it’s gonna happen say there’s a
fast moving play basically you know what
i tell these players
just get in front of the goalie and
screen them he’s gonna have a nightmare
the whole damn game like you know what i
mean it’s one of those things
and and you know philadelphia Boston it
screams a low total it’ll probably be
five and a half
the guy it’ll be like playing a bass
bass playoff baseball game
at chavez ravine at four in the
afternoon where the first three innings
there’s the shadows and the hitters and
you’ve got a guy setting a screen in
front of the neck creating shade and
then the comes out of the sunlight
and goes like what the hell just
that’s the thing like it’s not just
going to be bad like i’m going to be we
should track this how are the goalies
confidence after this game too because
it’s going to be different in arena
going for i don’t know like are we
scientists but at one thing no what
i’m not if the sun is shining and
there’s glare we’re going over in this
well the funny thing is the funny thing
is usually you look to fade the teams
after the big experience of the outdoor
game and the games are slower
and then yeah but the vegas and colorado
are playing each other so
that one you can’t even consider that
all right so there’s your little outdoor
thing on sunday
let me ask you montreal pending the
result will probably be
like a dollar what 60 something at
Ottawa and
otto was sitting there fresh as a daisy
let me double check Ottawa is not
playing montreal place Toronto the night
is Ottawa a barking dog yes
Brian you you check check check Brian
Blessings boxes
triple b you checked them Ottawa waiting
montreal emotional game versus Toronto
Ottawa who do you hate montreal and
Toronto they think you’re the little
brother that they beat up
you’re waiting for these guys Ottawa
will throw the kitchen sink at montreal
if they get any type of goaltending if
montreal beats Toronto
Ottawa will be a play and
jersey washington get a new series
started here that’s a nationally
televised game
actually i think you got to watch the
washington goalies here during the week
i think these guys are a little bit worn
down but
you know the problem is throughout the
course of a season
like jerseys wants to believe that
they’re part of this
and washington knows they are it’s like
how do these guys get up for these games
exactly and another thing is let’s keep
an eye on the devils
they’re not the same old devils they
scored four goals against the rangers
team that all games went under
maybe we look at the over Brian you
talked about the capitals goaltending
the devils are kind of a little bit of a
different team and lindy ruff’s a good
coach they could kind of play that
defensive style but
they’ve been scored they can score too
right you’ve seen them those games
versus the sabers
all went like almost everyone went over
the number i i don’t i don’t think
they’re gonna hang a big one there
i think probably the over i would look
at in that spot all right and then
check the friday result winnipeg in
vancouver if you get the high scoring
think under and i would say
i would consider strongly in this game
and you know understand what we’re doing
here taping this heading into the
i would consider the team unless it’s a
boat race i would consider the team that
loses the friday night game
to come back in a revenge spot here on
exactly Brian that’s one thing and you
know by the time when we were taping our
other stuff when we’re doing all the
various shows
well who was i on edmonton revenge spot
against the jets they won that game
vancouver lost to calgary and a
heartbreaker Came back and won that game
that’s a good angle that i like too you
talk about
the first game over under my team if
they lose the first i don’t get off them
i come back to them and it’s worked more
than it hasn’t
there you have it all right the hockey
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i hope you have a wonderful weekend my
good friend yep
jinglenut says i hope you have a great
night too Brian you know a day just uh
well i’ll leave you with this
i mean believe me it’s it’s a little
chilly here but you
you you’ve got the snow to deal with
there’s hope next week it’s going to be
in the mid 70s out here
so there’s hope for you
yeah can we open up the border so i can
get on the first flight to your backyard
give me a break get the hell out of here
all right do it
officially wrap this up with yep
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we encourage everyone to practice
responsible gambling
an approach to gambling that helps you
ensure that it remains an enjoyable
here are the main principles of
responsible gambling don’t think of
gambling as a way to make money
always gamble with money that you can
afford to lose
set limits and stick to them never chase
don’t gamble when you’re depressed or
upset and create a healthy balance
always be aware of how much time you
spend gambling or thinking about
and do not allow gambling to cause you
to miss out on time with family and
or time spent on other activities you
by following these guidelines gambling
can be a good time and
great entertainment if you feel at any
time that your gambling is taking away
from important areas of your life is
causing you stress or depression or is
leading to financial losses that are
beyond your control
please reach out for help learn more
at responsiblegambling.org